Tuesday, May 27, 2008

North vs. South

So...one of my dear friends did it. She moved North of the Mason Dixon. Only a few of us have forgiven this intolerable act...ok, most of us by now have forgiven her...but only with about five years of her living up there. With the move up there came her first experience of --rude. It started like this. My friend, Jill, is standing in line to use the restroom at a bar in upstate New York. Like every southern girl knows...when standing in a line with no where to go but forward, and nothing to do but wait...you strike up a conversation with those surrounding you in the same situation. Every female knows this rule and abides by it to the fullest of her ability. I say every female, but I should clarify this, all females born and raised in the south. When Jill tried to be social with other females in the restroom line, she became an outcast. The mark was now on her. A southerner trying to be social with the locals. A stranger at that. She has finally begun to blend in to her new environment, but had to marry a local to succeed! He now masks her "southerness" and defends when she has those moments of weakness. She no longer talks to strangers in restroom lines. Unless, of course, she is visiting her home state. In an entirely different instance, a friend of mine, Lou, was in a city up north and observed that no one spoke to anyone they did not know. If a stranger tried to strike up a conversation, whether it be at the bar or in the restroom line, the locals would turn their nose and avoid the poor soul that made the mistake of being cordial. Please do not get me wrong. I'm not knocking the northern versions of cities in this great United States. I'm just curious: how ever do these northern versions of us meet new people? Isn't life lonely when you snub everyone that attempts to play nice? And don't get me wrong...southern girls have a very mean streak. Possibly more evil than any northern girl could compete with. But what makes it so evil...is she can fool you to believe she cares what you think. At least...until you buy her that drink. She may even forget to tell you she's engaged or married until her eyelash batting has quenched her thirst. But, she's always cordial to your face. It's only behind your back when she rolls her eyes and cannot believe you actually tried to socialize with her. So, I suppose, what is better? Getting snubbed to the face? Or eventually behind your back? Most people I know that live in the south are passive aggressive. Maybe that is why everyone is nice to your face. Most people I know that live in the North don't mind a confrontation. Maybe that is why they will snub you immediately? Hmmm... I often wonder...which is better? Til next time... XOXO

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Southern Girl

Southern Girl is a single female in her late 20s living in a Southern State. She was raised as an Army Reserves Brat in a conservative/libertarian household.
Southern Girl received a B.A. in Journalism in 2003. With that Journalism degree she has waited tables, sold memberships to a Chamber of Commerce, worked in the trucking industry and worked in the retail solution industry.
Still young and "wet behind the ears," Southern Girl is still trying to make a place for herself in this world. She is passionate about Community Service and is currently active in Junior Achievement, Susan G. Komen and Cystic Fibrosis foundations.