Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Our Financial Crisis--Who's At Fault?

Ok--here's my problem. It happens every single time something negative happens in this country. We blame the administration in office. Not prior administrations. And then we seek "Change." NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) -- The nation's financial system is in the midst of a massive shakeup and many on Wall Street and in Washington are pointing fingers and looking for someone to blame. But in the end, it all comes back to one issue - housing. Earlier this decade, it was much easier to get a mortgage. Home prices soared about 85% from 1996 through 2006 in inflation-adjusted dollars, creating a bubble. Then the bubble popped. And the fallout isn't over yet, experts say. Hmmm...it seems to have started in 1996. Correct me if I'm wrong--but wasn't a DEMOCRAT in office in '96?

Friday, September 26, 2008

Give Me Facts.

Ok--so maybe it is my Type A personality...who knows? I have a serious problem with the fact that one candidate provides me with facts, stats and probable solutions AND what he has done in his career...when the other candidate danced. Tango--make love to the "commoners." Waltz--side step the issue. Hip Hop--"it ain't MY fault." And...children focused music, "it's a lie...interupt, interupt, interupt...it's a lie." My eight year old nephew is more mature than THAT. It's like watching a boxing match--one athlete KNOWS he doesn't stand a fighting chance, so he dances...the other, well, knows... So, let the dance begin. "Change"....uh, how? Give me stats. Tell me what you have done. And don't reference YEARS before you were a senator. "One time, at this party...I warned someone this would happen..." I could say that, hell why don't I run for president???? Give me a freakin' answer and maybe I'll consider what you're talking about. Until then, I'm going to base my decision from fact. YOU don't know what the hell you're talking about. You can't even provide stats to back up your lame ass excuses for what is wrong with this world. And please, someone enlighten me...how do you claim you're going to "stick it to Pakistan" then turn around and say (five minutes later) you didn't. Were you a teenaged girl in a past life? My Type A personality. Vote solidified.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Debate Postponed?

(CNN) — McCain supporter Sen. Lindsey Graham tells CNN the McCain campaign is proposing to the Presidential Debate Commission and the Obama camp that if there's no bailout deal by Friday, the first presidential debate should take the place of the VP debate, currently scheduled for next Thursday, October 2 in St. Louis. In this scenario, the vice presidential debate between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin would be rescheduled for a date yet to be determined, and take place in Oxford, Mississippi, currently slated to be the site of the first presidential faceoff this Friday. Graham says the McCain camp is well aware of the position of the Obama campaign and the debate commission that the debate should go on as planned — but both he and another senior McCain adviser insist the Republican nominee will not go to the debate Friday if there's no deal on the bailout. So...McCain's camp wants to postpone the debate scheduled for Friday because the United States economy has hit an all time low that we haven't really even been close to since before the GREAT DEPRESSION. He wants to focus on his current job (that would be acting as a UNITED STATES SENATOR) and focus on the current crisis on hand (that would be the potential for each and every American to become beyond broke) and Obama and his minions are screaming "fraud--chicken--". Ok, right. Where is Obama in this economic crisis with his 140 days experience in Senate? Why is he tucking his tail and running the other way--"bring me to a debate, I can show you I'm better (with my gifted trial lawyer sleaze bag tactics." (has anyone ever seen Devils Advocate??? Again we ask, who IS the puppet master???) Change, change, change. That's all we're going to hear from that camp anyway. God, get original. Obama was the one who was "chicken" to do Townhall debates – McCain is putting his "Country First" by wanting to stop the upcoming debate - Obama is putting himself "first" as usual by wanting to continue the debate. Note**He also put a stop to debates with Hillary because he felt there had been enough debates! These people that HONESTLY think this man (the "O") is going to bring GOOD to this nation are sleeping under a rock. What I wouldn't give to see all these Beamer and Hybrid Cadillac driving bitches complaining when they can't afford their Beamers and Hybrids anymore because Obama and his BIG ASS GOVERNMENT have taken all our extra income and given it to the losers who expect the government to bail them out. Oh--or they can't afford their mortgage anymore because the "O" was too busy calling for a debate rather than trying to do his actual job and help this freakin' economy out. That's right people. No more loans. Sinkin' in yet?

Great Article--"Why Obama Will Lose"

By: David Deming, The Edmond Sun EDMOND — When Benjamin Franklin was dispatched to France as ambassador of the United States in 1776, he won the hearts of the French through his authenticity. Rather than take on an affected and phony continental style, Franklin eschewed the powdered wig of the European gentleman and donned the fur cap of an American frontiersman. Original genius and polymath, Franklin understood that the French would see through any false pretension but respect an authenticity that sprang from an unpretentious and naive love of country. What a contrast there is between Franklin and Barack Obama. Obama is a Harvard lawyer who is a mile wide and an inch deep. He is only the latest in a long line of shallow elites that consider it stylish and intellectual to despise their own culture and heritage. Nothing exemplifies Obama’s antipathy for American culture better than his statement that Americans “cling to” religion and guns out of frustration or bitterness. We only can suppose that Obama regards religion or firearms as aberrations that need to be eradicated.Of course, both guns and religion are essential aspects of American culture. The United States was founded by people seeking religious freedom. Does the word “Pilgrim” ring a bell with anyone? Our freedom and the right to self-government were won by farmers with guns. The American Revolution started when the British marched to Concord with the intention of confiscating colonial arms. Both the right to “keep and bear arms,” and the right to “free exercise” of religion are enshrined in the Bill of Rights. We have come a long way when the presidential nominee of a major political party regards the exercise of fundamental rights as a mental aberration.When Obama refers to “my Muslim faith,” the verbal gaffe resonates as a Freudian slip because of Obama’s thinly veiled hatred for this country’s unique culture and institutions. Obama sat for 20 years in a church where the Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr preached “goddamn America.” He only resigned from the congregation when it became politically expedient to do so. When earlier this year, Michelle Obama said “for the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country,” can we conclude that her husband disagrees? Is it not remarkable that Michelle Obama can be so small-minded as to find nothing in the history of the United States that merits her admiration but the personal success of her husband?What is Barack Obama for? His campaign motto is “change.” But even a 6-year-old child understands that “change” can be either good or bad. Lacking specifics, the invocation of “change” as policy is completely empty. As we witness Obama’s minions mindlessly endorse the meaningless maxim of “change,” it only can call to mind the barnyard animals in George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” chanting “four legs good, two legs bad!” The choice of Sarah Palin as John McCain’s running mate has been devastating for the Obama campaign precisely because she is everything Obama is not. Palin is not ashamed of her culture or country. She is not embarrassed by being an American, but naively embraces her birthright. Unassisted by affirmative action, Palin has risen to national prominence on the basis of her character, intelligence and natural gifts. In a word, she has guts. This is a woman who is proud of her country, not because it has granted her personal success, but because she respects what America stands for: freedom, opportunity, and individualism.Obama is a vapid demagogue, a hollow man that despises American culture. He is ill-suited to be president of the United States. As the weeks pass, more Americans will come to this realization and elect McCain/Palin in a landslide. DAVID DEMING is an associate professor of Arts and Sciences at the University of Oklahoma, but his opinions do not necessarily represent those of the university.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Never Forget

It's a morning carved in to my mind more than any other morning of my lifetime. I can tell it to you like it happened yesterday. I woke early, which was odd, as I was a college student and had had a little bit too much fun the night before. Not only did I awake early, I was alert, and ready to take on the day. I got dressed and actually looked decent--rather than my usual jeans/t shirt, no makeup, hair in ponytail attire I sported to class. Nope, not this day. This day I chose a cute little sweats matching outfit. I fixed my hair. I put on makeup. Not once did I turn on the television or radio. I knew it was going to be a good day. I stepped outside and relished in the beautiful day. There was not a cloud in the clear blue sky. The sun was shining gloriously. It was going to be a fabulous day. I got in the car and headed to campus. Immediately, something felt off kilter. There was no music on the radio--and the DJ sounded like she'd been crying. "If you need counseling, the University has set up centers throughout campus." What?!?! My immediate first thought was "oh God. Our campus has been gunned down." My stomach flipped. The DJ then said the words I will never forget. "World Trade Center has been attacked..." The rest of the words all jumble in my mind these days. I swallowed hard. Trying to fathom. Ok. We've had the Trade Center attacked before. We'll make it through. I continued driving to campus. It wasn't until I parked my car and was grabbing my back pack that my world halted. "Second tower down. Plane in PA down. Pentagon attacked..." My father was scheduled to be at the Pentagon. I don't even know if I shut my car door. I took off in a sprint to my sorority house (UP a steep HILL) just knowing I needed a phone. I got to the house and ran into the community room where 50 of my sisters were staring at the television in shock. Some were crying, some were staring and some were in another world. None of us believed what we were seeing. I grabbed the phone and dialed my father's number. Immediately to voicemail. My stomach dropped further. I felt like I was going to be sick. I called my mother. Immediately to voicemail. Oh God, Oh God. It wasn't for another two hours that I'd learn my father never reported to Washington. By some Grace of God, his meeting was cancelled at the last minute and he stayed home. But not without that guilty remorse he always feels when a soldier goes down. He lost friends that day. He lost confidence in the world that day. We all did. The rest is a haze. I gathered with my closest friends at someone's apartment. We sat and stared at the television for hours and hours. We would sit outside sometimes just to get away from the horror. I cried so much that day and days to follow--I felt dehydrated. A lot of times, I drank away the horror that was being lived out in our nation. From all the horror, we did get one positive from it. Our Nation gained pride. Pride some of us had never witnessed. On September 10th, 2001, neighborhoods throughout the nation sported football team flags and yard decorations. By nightfall on September 11th, these neighborhoods had transformed into Old Glory sporting, candle burning memorials. Throughout the nation, men and women said, "what can we do?" Throughout the nation, Americans forgot about the small things, whether their neighbor was Republican or Democrat, who was black or white. Those trivial things were gone...and for the first time in many's memory, we were all simply American. Fast forward....seven years later. Where are we? People yelling and screaming that we're war mongers and oil fanatics. People yelling and screaming that we ignore international affairs too much. People yelling and screaming that we're too harsh on illegal immigrants. People FORGETTING what it felt like seven years ago today. People already forgetting what it felt like to be an American. People forgetting when men and women walked out of their desk jobs and joined the military. Where each and everyone of us stared at the tv in shock. We have forgotten as a nation what that day felt like. Now we're more concerned with the little things (just as we were before). Half of this nation now wants to elect a man into office that has only held a Senate position for 140 days--and has NEVER considered leaving his desk job to join the military. Half of this nation wants to elect a man into office that doesn't place his hand over his heart when reciting the Pledge. Half of this nations wants to elect a man into office who's wife stated PUBLICLY that she was not proud to be an American. What have we come to? How can this even be acceptable? I'll never forget. I'll never falter in my pride.