Friday, November 5, 2010

cheeseburger anyone?

I'm sure you all thought I was long gone. In fact, at a time, I thought I was. I just didn't have the heart to blog anymore. The country has been spiraling out of control--and I just had to close myself from it--to maintain my own sanity.

Well, I'm back. Hopefully for good.

So, I am considered a pretty healthy eater. I rarely eat out, I try to cook my own healthy meals...but I also work full time, go to school full time, volunteer in my community, and sometimes, well, I just don't have TIME. So yes, I drive through the dreaded drive thru--get me a greasy burger and greasy fries--and I feel NO REMORSE.

Southerngirl--where on earth are you going with this, you ask?

To San Fran.

They have lost their minds.

And so have my friends.

My good ol' trusty FB account always provides for some very interesting topics of discussion. Wednesday was no exception....enjoy, I most certainly did. (Some people are just beyond insane).

LIBERAL: I love San Francisco for banning happy meals!

SouthernGirl: Glad they think parents can think for themselves. :)

LIBERAL: If parents could think for themselves we wouldn't have an obesity epidemic among children.... I think parents have had their chance, it's time for kids to.

THIRD PARTY: Totalitarianism "for the good of the people" is still totalitarianism.

SouthernGirl: Sure, SOME parents do a terrible job...My concern is--when do we stop telling people what to do/how to do it and just let them suffer their own consequences, ya know? I mean--why just outlaw happy meals? Why not add televisi...on, video games, etc.? I don't know, I just feel like it might be crossing a line into something that is bigger and scarier than what we can imagine. PLUS...happy meals are smaller portions. NOW, those parents will just buy a regular sized meal and give it to the children. FINALLY...there are days when I just really want a greasy burger, and not from the regular meal. I guess all I should really hope for is I never get a craving while in San Fran. :)

LIBERAL: Slippery slope arguments are weak guys. If we can keep kids from smoking and drinking, we can keep them from eating poo on a bun (aka fast food beef). Doesn't mean we will suddenly be in a dictatorship.

COMEDIAN: But I....I....I like happy meals.

SouthernGirl: I don't believe it is a slippery slope argument. I believe that there has to be a point when enough is enough. If you don't like fast food, ok, don't eat it. If Jim Bob likes it, well, then he will have to face the consequences and it is not your job to tell him whether he can have it or not. As for children, no government better tell me if my child can have a happy meal or not. That is my choice as a parent.

SouthernGirl: I suppose, I just fear the nanny state is getting to be too much. We need to teach proper nutrition, respect, so on and so forth, but we can not take away people's choice, even if that choice will clog their arteries.

THIRD PARTY: "Slippery slope arguments" aren't weak when the subject of the argument is our government, who have proven time and time again that they will take away every right we will let them. B: Just because you and 51% or more of San Franciscans p...refer and can afford Whole Foods gluten free organic farm raised grass fed all natural carcinogen free carbon neutral humane green tea ginko boloba beef doesn't give you or them the right to meddle in my "shut the hell up and eat this so I can make it through this shopping trip without freaking killing you" situation. C: And don't even get me started on the hypocrisy in banning ONLY happy meals, that's just retarded. If I can't buy a happy meal, I can buy a McDouble, small fry and a small drink for $3.18 and give my kid a dollar instead of the piece of shit toy and they're still getting the shaft nutritionally. If they actually gave a shit and weren't just pandering to their granola-head constituency, they'd shut McDonalds down entirely. 3. I ate happy meals growing up AND smoked and drank and I turned out JUST F-F-F-F-FINE. Granted, I'm three inches shorter than average, have an enlarged heart and severe psychological and emotional issues, but compared to a lot of... er... some.... ok, a few people, I'm the picture of health. You can have my kids' Happy Meals when you pry them from their cold, dead hands.

COAST GUARD: Im loving it! Sorry just had to do it.

COMEDIAN:This argument is silly. Who the fuck really eats McDonalds anymore. The real issue is what they are fed at school, period. Anyways, its not the governments fault, or the parents, or even McDonalds....Its that Godforsaken Marilyn Mansons fault. You guys are all stupid!

THIRD PARTY: I bet San Francisco schools have some pretty kickass lunches.

LIBERAL: Ok you're right. On that same token, we need to remove penalties for smoking crack while preggers, beating ones own child and child sexual abuse if it's done by parents. It's a parent's right to choose!!!!!!!! In all seriousness, I never tho...ught I'd say this but COMEDIAN you are so right!See More

LIBERAL: Just sat down at the gate at the airport across from an obese woman eating .... Wait for it ..... A Happy Meal!

COMEDIAN: Im right all the time. BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE!

THIRD PARTY: In LIBERAL'S world, Happy Meals are like incestuous child rape. Someone should outlaw them so that fat woman will be incapable of making stupid decisions about her diet and activity level and become fit and healthy as a result.

LIBERAL: Oh so the slippery slope can only go one way? I'm learning here....

THIRD PARTY: Yeah, you have to keep the leaps of logic within one or two light years of each other. Goverment taking away one right --> government taking away others. Feeding a kid a happy meal-------------------------------------------------------------...--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> kidrape.